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NOTE: SHOW IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS. More updates soon.  Still have tons of podcasts on iTunes!

Life in the Groove is a nationally syndicated radio show that airs on weekends. I interview guests as well as comment on current issues and topics related to living: healthy, fit, strong, positive, productive and joyful. From flat tummies and cellulite, to angel intuitives and meditation, to celeb fitness trainers and authors and including incredible testimonials and everything else in between, it’s all meant to help you make good choices so you can live well and in your groove.

Missed a show? No problem. Find many of the best interviews mixed in with my podcasts.

Leave your questions and comments here as well or call in toll free at 855-892-9606.

Here is the 54-station/29-state affiliate list:

Updated as of 12/6/13

Updated as of 12/6/13


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    Don Kalland February 26, 2014

    Embracing “a fitness lifestyle” is kinda like learning how to dance…First you have to want to try, then you have to actually try (…with someone who knows how), and once you’re out on the floor you must put aside the awkwardness feeling of stumbling around at first, everyone is watching, as you absorb the music, capture the rhythm, begin flowing with it’s beat…

    With every new lesson you become more comfortable and better at it, until that day comes where you can’t wait to get out there on the “dance floor, because it’s so much fun and your now good at it, everyone is still watching but now admiring your skills and wishing they could be out there with you”

    Q: How is it any different in fitness “getting off the couch” into the combination of trying, keep doing it under the watchful eye of the Pros, eat right, allow your results to show, and then watch how that smile on your face broadcasts how you feel now…

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      TinaAnderson May 16, 2014

      I love hearing from you, D. Always such insightful reflections. Thank you!

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