Making Fitness Fun

Here are some key points to consider in order to get over a slump, jump-start a program or to turn from an exercise-hater to an exercise-enthusiast.
  • Key Points:
  • Move naturally or get active without even thinking about it.
  • Add more movement in your daily activity instead of starting an official workout program.
  • Take four round trips on your office steps instead of the elevator.
  • Walk faster when you put a shopping cart away and offer to take back five others for customers parked far away.
  • Do lunges on your way to the mailbox.
  • Do what you like and what is convenient.
  • Don't start running because of the high calorie burn factor if you hate to run. You won't do it.
  • Don't join a gym that is inexpensive but too far away. You won't go.
  • Sign up for Zumba if you love to dance and are social.
  • Take up hiking if you love nature and the outdoors.
  • Purchase home video workouts if you need to start within minutes of getting home to avoid your normal excuses.
  • Take up tennis if you enjoy competition.
Know the indicators for effective workouts so you progress and have a better chance at consistency. Getting out of breath. Going longer or faster. Lifting heavier. Feeling better and stronger in your normal activities. Noticing less stress in your life and more exuberance. Better sleep. Better sex. Better everything. That's the beauty and magic of exercise and movement.

Next, we look at tolerable to enjoyable to fun. Yes, it happens. A walk becomes a faster walk. The brisk walk turns into a jog which turns into a passion, the runner's high; triathlons and running clubs. Barely getting through spin class turns into never missing your incredible intervals that leave you at threshold. Small hikes turn into large mountains. I could go on and on. Finding what you like, first. Doing it consistently so you create muscle memory, a comfort zone and ultimately, measurable progress.

The way you feel during and after overshadows the initial discomfort. What was only tolerable has now become enjoyable in a strange way. A way that's hard to describe unless you've experienced it. More plausible, enjoying your dance, yoga or kickboxing class or a Cross Fit workout or your Insanity video; looking forward to your rock climbing group or cycling club. Fun. Enjoyable. Exercise. Let's get you there. You need a strong emotional reason to get started. You need support and accountability. You need commitment for at least 90 days to develop a solid habit and life change. But, you can do it and I see it happen all the time.

What are your brick walls and your obstacles? How can I help you with those or any other issues? Please let me know. I've dealt with a lot of excuses and I've yet to be stumped! Try me and let's walk the path to living strong, fit, healthy and in superGroove!

The view from my bike. Doing an exercise I love!



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