Motivations and Reminders

These motivations and reminders are from my Get Fit! Stay Healthy! June podcast #58. Check out the segment for the audio version. Hope a few can lift your spirits and get you focused.
  1. Being broke is not the same as being broken, losing money is not the same as being lost and finding your balance is not something you can do on a balance sheet.
  2. Don’t confuse having less with being less, having more with being more or what you have with who you are.
  3. When you’re in a hurry, go slowly. The faster you go in life the sooner it is a blur.
  4. Courage isn’t the absence of fears but how you wrestle with them.
  5. If you’re busy hugging the past, you can’t embrace the future. Don’t let the past kidnap your future.
  6. This too shall pass. Change is the only constant. In order to take a breath, you must release one.
  7. Tough times don’t require you to be tough on yourself. Find the courage to embrace happiness.
  8. Things don’t have to be good for you to be great.
  9. The past explains how you got here. Where you go from here is your responsibility.
  10. The world is not devoted or created to make you happy. Live boldly, not timidly. Forget your failures after you learn from them and don’t start from a weak spot. Be an impact player. Be epic. Be a game changer. Strain your potential until it cries for mercy.
  11. From Rick Warren: Life is a series of problems. You are in one now, you’re just coming out of one or you’re getting ready to go into another one because God is more interested in your character than your comfort. I used to think that life was hills and valleys – you go through a dark time, then you go to the mountaintop, back and forth. I don’t believe that anymore. I believe that it’s kind of like two rails on a railroad track and at all times you have something good and something bad in your life. No matter how good things are in your life, there is always something bad that needs to be worked on. No matter how bad things are, there is always something good you can thank God for.
  12. Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction – Harry Truman.
  13. Expect the best and you’ll probably get it.
  14. First we make our attitudes, then our attitudes make us. Pick carefully.
  15. Travel with these happiness tips: manage your energy levels, keep your soul alive, take new paths, attack your fears, live in awe, savor small successes, burn brightly without burning out, hang on when the storms blow through.
  16. One of my favorites from Winston Churchill, “When you’re in hell, keep going.”
  17. Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm – Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  18. Another fav. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right – Henry Ford.
  19. Are you a duck or an eagle? Ducks quack and complain about their problems and their life while eagles go about their business consistently soaring above the crowd.
  20. You become what you think about.
  21. It’s not the things you get but the hearts you touch that will determine your success in life.
  22. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
  23. Laughter affects our brain chemistry and immune system in very positive ways. Laugh loud and laugh often!
  24. Resolve to be tender and nurturing with the young, respectful with the aged and sympathetic with the striving.
  25. When you choose your thoughts you choose your consequences – Dr. Phil.
  26. Successful people will do what unsuccessful people won’t – Dr. Phil.
  27. Service is the very purpose of life. It is the rent we pay for being on this planet – Marion Wright Edelman.
  28. You can never step into the same river twice. The past is gone and the future is promised to no one.
  29. Simplify. Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least. Prune your tree. Remove the excess so you have energy to blossom and grow.
  30. Recognize the 80/20 rule. Identify 20-percent of the problems that create 80-percent of your stress.
  31. Focus on the critical few, not the insignificant many.
  32. Be careful not to let urgent things crowd out the important things.
  33. You’ll never get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.
  34. Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of a parent.
  35. From The Neuroscience of Happiness by Michael Bergeisen: Negative interaction in an important relationship is five times more powerful than positive interaction. We register it quickly and intensely. The opposite is true for positive interactions. We deflect comments and brush them off as "no big deal." This causes us to replay the destructive pictures and feelings over and over again and crowd out the positive ones. Turn your positive events into positive experiences by savoring them, by weaving them into the fabric of your body and brain and by making them an actual part of you. Don’t deflect positive comments, pay attention to them. Remember something about them to increase their intensity and realism.
  36. YOUR SUBMISSION HERE. I have pages and pages of quotes, stories and affirmations. These are just a few of mine and I would love to compile another list featuring some of yours. Please share your good stuff!



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