Angels, Synchronicity & A Fitness Transformation

Original post date: Summer of 2014. After nearly 40 years of always having a job (or several), I took six weeks off this summer other than a little bit of fitness work. I was coming off of a major career disappointment and I was exhausted from the emotional up's and down's. I was actually exhausted overall from non-stop to-do's and goals for my entire life. Little did I know that my days and hours would soon be consumed with angels, synchronicity and a different kind of fitness transformation.

Had I listened to my intuition at the beginning of discussions surrounding the above offer, I would have saved myself a great deal of frustration and even money. I am grateful for all of it. It was obviously part of the plan but I needed to allow the sadness and the loss to work its course. As I came to terms with my situation, I felt a sudden interest - obsession, really - in all things spiritual. What transpired over the next several weeks changed my life. It was evident that I needed that time to focus on spiritual fitness. It is evident now that I need to share my story, which I've done in my podcast. This article is an important section from the recording and sort of a how-to. I start with one of the many books that I read over the summer and a (paraphrased) statement that opened up my thought process. It's from an ordained Christian minister who was ousted from his church because of his radical views. Before we dive in, you might wonder why I believe spiritual fitness is so important. Answer: for the same reason we need physical fitness and good mental health. To enjoy our precious gift of life in a way that feels significant, joyful and meaningful. To live in the moment with all of our senses tuned and to find fun and laughter and mostly, love, everywhere we look. And, to leave the world a better place, even by one gesture at a time.

The statement.  "I can't believe that the amazing and omnipotent God that I believe in would stop his teachings at the bible."  It got me thinking. Since God recognizes our whacked out human-beingness and individuality, why would he (or she) stop at one big, confusing (yes, it is and you know it is), contradictory (umm, yep), impractical (yes, in many passages) manual if he wants to reach all of us with his message of love. I am eternally grateful to my fellow Episcopalians and more recently, to Saddleback Church (and the awesome Praise tent). I have had a solid relationship with God and my faith since I can remember. But, something became clear to me as I was pulled more and more towards uplifting others and spreading joy. Ideologies, by their very nature, divide and define our differences. Spirituality, on the other hand, unites us in a common goal but allows us to travel our unique paths to achieve what I believe is the core of existence on earth - evolving our souls not just as human beings but as loving beings. So, I am not abandoning my traditions nor am I trying to convince or convert anyone to anything. This is a progression for me and a calling to share this insight. (Note: I am now happily and gratefully involved with the Inspirit Center for Spiritual Living.)

Spiritual fitness (according to Tina).  Spiritual fitness is a strong and deeply felt connection between your soul and your thoughts, to your belief and trust (faith) in God and the practice of prayer and meditation to inspire and guide your life and actions, resulting in "peace which passeth understanding." The last part of the definition speaks to why you need it. Peace, joy, strength, faith and love for one another.

How do you get it? It's like physical fitness. We have countless ways to move and feed our bodies and enhance our overall health. We include fitness components such as strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. You cannot run one day and be fit for the rest of your life nor can you start jogging and expect to run a half marathon within days or even weeks. Consistency yields results. You have to figure out what's right for you. Sometimes you need a coach or trainer; a support group or gym. You have to listen to your body and pay attention to its signals. You have to manage your stress. It's the same for your spiritual fitness. I've compiled a list of suggestions. Use any of these and add your own to get closer to God, Jesus, your deeper self, etc.
  • Worship services across all organized religions and practices (I'm using services as an umbrella term.)
  • Bible Study Groups (I'm using the Bible as an umbrella term.)
  • Religious rituals such as fasting, specific meals and celebrations
  • Religious retreats
  • Yoga and spiritual retreats
  • Prayer
  • Meditation (I linked tips for beginners.)
  • Support groups
  • Reading the Bible or equivalent on your own
  • Study and reading from various religious or spiritual leaders
  • Time-out's from electronics and external distractions/your own voice chatter
  • Connecting to nature and the outdoors, quiet time
  • Peace missions, outreach, volunteering
  • Reiki, Rolfing and Massage Therapy; Flotation Tank , etc.  (for the relaxation and release of toxins as well as healing and restoration)
  • Traditional Therapy if you are suffering from a painful (past or current) situation that is debilitating in any way
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Life After Death experiences/communication
  • Shaman's and the metaphysical (related to a higher, all-loving power such as God and Jesus)
  • Past Life Regression sessions
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Angel Messengers
How do you know you have it? Remember those fitness components? Spiritual fitness gives you a newfound strength; it gives you flexibility in your daily life and for all the craziness that unfolds; it sustains you like a long-distance event and it balances out chaos and worry. You feel "lighter" and more capable of handling any situation. It imparts wisdom, insight and the ability to accept your path and those of others. It's much easier to simply "let go" as in the saying Let Go, Let God, and you really can. Synchronicity and flow in your life occurs more often. Others will see or feel the peace and authenticity from your soul. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed most of the time; harbor anger, frustration or resentment - even towards those you love, or if you live your life as a facade, you lack spiritual fitness. They cannot co-exist. One helpful way to recognize your transformation is to journal, especially keeping track of "coincidences" after prayer and meditation. I talk about mine in the podcast (mind-blowing) and here is a short video from one of my Trust Your Vibes card readings that I use to recognize my connection as well as share important messages.

How do you keep it? Go back to "how do you get it" and make a habit of what works best for you. Make it a priority. Schedule it - whatever "it" is. Share your journey with clergy, family members and trusted friends who will support and encourage you. Again, journal and express how you feel, reviewing your entries from time to time. Prayer and meditation are the key.

My prayer For You. There is no doubt in my mind what-so-ever that you are reading this for a reason. Coincidences are messages and gifts to help clarify your spiritual journey and your soul's evolution. I'm glad you are curious and I hope you join me in this special "fit" family. So, I lift you up and ask your team of angels, the Holy Spirit and whomever else brings comfort to embrace you with loving gestures and to provide you with strong symbols and messages for whatever you need in order to wake up each day with peace, faith and joy - with spiritual fitness. I ask that you open your heart and your soul to this giant human race in ways that will perpetuate the same for your brothers and sisters, respecting each other's journeys and seeking common ground based on the concept of divine love. Amen.

Do you have a story to share or can you add to my list? How have you obtained spiritual fitness and how has it changed your life? The Holy Spirit and your soul will guide your words. Can I help with this process in any way? And, don't forget that I go into detail about my personal journey in my podcast.



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