What Am I Here To Do?

What am I here to do? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? Why am I here?

How can we not ask ourselves these questions at some point in our lives? Most of us want to contribute value to the world and feel like we make a difference.

It's especially a problem when you've been in the same kind of work for many years for security and finances but not because it feels worthwhile and fulfilling, or when you've devoted your life to raising kids, or when you are not only interested in trying different careers, but can find a way to do them and even do them well. I'm so excited to announce that part of my purpose is to help you with yours!

For example, all my "careers" felt right at some point. I mean, if I won awards for my writing and event work and if it comes so naturally to me, how could my purpose not be that? Oh wait, I've also done very well in the fitness biz. I'm a natural encourager and I love to workout. That must be it. But, what about all my broadcasting and the acting and voiceover, maybe that's really it. Since I gave up a career to raise my kids, perhaps being a mom is truly my calling. Did I mention that I taught college for 17 years? Now that I think about it, I love animals and wildlife. I haven't given that one a try. Could be my true calling. OMG. What the hell then is my purpose?

I struggled big-time with this question for years. I prayed over it. I researched it. I did the Meyer's Briggs test in college. But, scoring high as a funeral director did not seem like my destiny.

To complicate matters, my friends, family members and associates often came to me for guidance and support, suggesting my natural counseling abilities. Not only that, but in the more contemporary mini career quiz's, I consistently score extremely high (as in, the highest you can score) as a natural mediator. I get that one and I might give it a try at some point.

There are lots of books and articles on finding your purpose. Many of them approach this topic from the wrong perspective. Why? Because you take your purpose with you everywhere and use it all of the time - in all of your jobs. All of them.

Your jobs and careers and achievements illustrate and show how you have expressed your life purpose. It plays out there - in all of them in some form or another. Awwwwe-some, right?!

You can be at peace with your purpose - or let's call it passion - or, yes, passions. You are productive no matter where you are in your life and career.  You know if your current situation is not an appropriate fit for expressing your genuine talents. But, it's not the only place to express yourself. Now, go happen to life - your life!

Sidenote: I get it. You don't know what you're supposed to be doing or even what your talents and strengths are. Lucky for you, I can help. Let's do a reading and get you on the right track. 




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