Are You Operating From Fear or Love

One of the biggest lessons I've learned and incorporated since my spiritual transformation (in June of 2014) is the simple question, are you operating from fear or love. Simple question. Huge ramifications. One soothes the ego. One feeds our soul.

Fear is masked in so many ways. We literally fool ourselves into believing it's only real if we feel like our life is in danger. Or, the feeling we get when thinking about taking a glass elevator to the 120th floor (if we're scared of heights). Or, the standard fear of failing, being laughed at, made fun of, or ridiculed. Saying the "wrong" thing or making the "wrong" choice. The list goes on.

Fear based thinking and decision making are tied into our ego and our ego likes to be safe, comfortable and in control. Must we choose the pragmatic and more practical route some of the time? Absolutely. Not the same as running away with your tail between your legs. Creative endeavors and mind blowing moments do not happen when ego is leading the way. At least, not in an authentic way.

When we ask the question, are you operating from fear or love, we are asking ourselves what we are running from or running to. The popular pro and con list approach is not always going to give you an accurate answer because your ego will take over. When you quiet your mind and ask your heart for the down and dirty, truth be told, no holds barred answer, you might feel some butterflies but you will also feel joy and happiness. No amount of analyzing changes the feeling of pure joy and happiness.
Research shows that 80 percent of our choices are fear-based; in other words, we're afraid of what will happen if we don't make a certain choice as opposed to making decisions based on what we really want out of life. Ask yourself, "Is this an escape-based decision or a target-based decision?" Don't be pushed away from what you don't want; let yourself be pulled toward what you do want. - Dr Phil
I just finished an online training with Sonia Choquette in which we had to ask ourselves "If I weren't afraid, I would." I said it in the form of a question. I would what? Ask yourself the same and then visualize yourself doing it. Wowser. It will give you a life of full expression and freedom. You don't have to tackle all of them, either. Be aware. Pick one. It's a process. But, truly daydream with your truth. Live in that world and connect with your I would.

We still need to feel all of our emotions and work through them to experience inner peace but start asking yourself if you are operating out of fear or love. You will get better and better at recognizing the difference in your decisions. That alone will make the tougher roads much easier to endure.

Moving away from fear based living will enliven your spirit and energize your soul. It will put you in alignment with your purpose here on earth: to love, to be joyful and to share your gifts.

What are you personal experiences in the battle of fear or love?



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