22 Ways to Instantly Raise Your Energetic Vibrations

Between internal self-talk and all of the external influences, it's not uncommon to feel depleted, tired, unmotivated, overwhelmed and even depressed. For that reason, I've created this list of 22 ways to instantly raise your energetic vibrations.

We are created to express and feel love, joy, happiness, enthusiasm, inner-peace and so much more. We find all of that in genuine acceptance and mindfulness. However, sometimes it feels like we are fighting constant battles of just the opposite.

Your Energy Raising Tool Box is here to help! Check out this exhaustive list. Pick a few. Do several. Rotate them. Whatever works best. Just do something.

  1. Get outside. Get into nature. Get some fresh air. Feel the sun. Imagine our ancestors hanging out in their dark caves all day. Ridiculous, right? But, so many of us are doing just that with our lifestyles. It's as simple as taking a walk, sitting in your backyard or on your balcony. Got beach, mountains or forest? Even better. Add earthing by walking barefoot. It's a fantastic way to replenish your root chakra and ground yourself.
  2. Move. There are so many ways to "exercise" and workout based on your age, condition, likes and dislikes, personality and schedule. Take group fitness classes, join a hiking group, swim, lift weights, join a gym or some type of workout facility, join a competitive club such as fencing or racquetball; dance, climb, bike, jog, do household chores and cleaning (with vigor and enthusiasm); jump into gardening and outdoor yard work, and of course, there's' always walking. I know there are more.
  3. Sing. This applies to all levels of expertise, including none at all. The act of singing opens your spiritual pathways and soothes your chakras. Car karaoke, anyone? C'mon, you know how fun that is.
  4. Dance. See above...this applies to all levels of expertise, including none at all. Dancing (without self-consciousness) also opens your spiritual pathways and ignites your chakras. Both of these free your spirit, literally. One of my mantras is "dance more and dust less" and I suggest you do the same, even metaphorically.
  5. Meditate, Pray and Be Quiet. I like to call it meditative prayer. A quick distinction here. Prayer is often for asking and meditation is clearly for listening. What a perfect match. The best and most effective way to reduce and manage stress is through meditation, by the way. Both of these still seem too far-fetched? How about quiet time? No television. No mp3. No talking. Silence and quiet.
  6. Laugh. Yes, laughter and levity heal. Please don't take yourself too seriously. Find something to laugh about every day.
  7. Forgive. Send out forgiveness and feel your heart swell and your energy rise. It's a natural consequence.
  8. Help. From the smallest of acts to the grand ones, helping others raises your vibes.
  9. Say "I love you" and really mean it. Love is the strongest and most powerful emotion known to us. Need I say more? Oh, wait, I do. Say it to yourself...and, really mean it. How can you vibe highly if you self-loathe? The two cannot co-exist. 
  10. Give a compliment and really mean it. Giving genuine compliments also raise vibes. Again, you must really mean it. Compliment a stranger or two and see how you feel when you "make their day" with such a wonderful surprise.
  11. Use Food as Medicine. What you eat and drink, as you know, is your lifeline. Real, whole, raw, plant-based foods raise your vibration.
  12. Sleep and Rest. Sleep deprivation has devastating effects including shortening of your life. Fix this, now.
  13. Manage stress. See rest of list but start with acceptance and awareness of your life choices and your daily boundaries. You are in charge of this area. If you are in what is truly an intolerable situation focus on managing your reactions, detoxifying your circumstances, and, getting completely away from all of it.
  14. Self-Improve. What are you doing to grow and evolve? We are here to transform into our highest selves. Read a good book. Attend a lecture. Work with a mentor or coach. Push outside your comfort zone. Learn a new hobby, etc. Embrace change.
  15. Friends, Family and, Fun. All or one. You need some. The positive kind.
  16. Productivity and Alignment. What are you meant to contribute to the world? When you are in alignment, you are vibing high!
  17. Gratitude. We've all heard it. Have an attitude of gratitude. The "wanting" of what we do not have is an illusion of our ego. You are complete at this exact moment with what you have and who you are. Can you continue to grow? Of course. We must. That's the journey for all of us. Strong desires create an illusion that we are lacking, however. Focus on gratitude and the knowing that you are right where you are meant to be. All is well.
  18. Hugs. Lots of them. Give and receive. Raise that oxytocin and raise your vibes. Side note. Add in some smooching whenever and wherever you can!
  19. Creativity and Music. Please don't tell me that you are "not creative". You are, in some fashion. Fixing things to coloring to drawing and painting to knitting to landscaping to building stuff. It's all creative. Also, attend an art gallery, a concert, a poetry reading or some form of live performance. Play your favorite songs. Create your favorite playlist and use it. Music and art are the universal languages. We are one and when you bring these into your presence, you connect on a global level. That's powerful stuff.
  20. De-clutter. Everything has energy. Rid yourself and your surroundings of energy-suckers and of those things that do not give you the warm fuzzies.
  21. Create space. When we pack our schedules tightly, we are always feeling rushed and even overwhelmed. Leave extra spaces in your life. They are not a waste, but the exact opposite.
  22. Awareness. And, finally, simple awareness. The clothing you wear. The colors of your walls and furniture. The way to talk to yourself. Saying yes when you want to say no. Not saying yes out of fear. Doing something for someone else to be liked. Realizing that you've been hibernating instead of experiencing the world around you. Living from your ego self and not from your soul journey. The deep dive it takes may feel painful to you but it's the beginning of high vibe living.

Can I help you with any of these? If not me personally, please check out my meditations. I've even combined walking and workouts so you can do both at the same time. I'm on your side. I am here to support you and your journey without judgment and with full compassion. You deserve it. Be at peace. Be joyful. Be you.



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