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Detach From and Reframe Worry


I truly believe that the higher forces at work are only interested in the best outcome for you and for our world. The highest version of you always needs work and growth. With that in mind, the first part of letting go of worry is reframing. It’s also about converting the worry to discernment and genuine caring. 

Reframe your worry as part of your own evolvement and as a clue into the next steps required for you to change and grow. Ask yourself the why’s - to first understand why this is pervas…

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Encouragement for Anything: Four Concepts.


Straight Up Encouragement for Anything: Four Concepts.

Sometimes, it's just nice (or really needed) to be reminded of a few things. We are incredibly blessed in so many ways in our lives, but the ups and downs and the "AFGM's" (Another F-ing Growth Moments) can be downright debilitating at times if not super annoying, and everything in between.

Spirit-Mother-Father-God sent this to me a few months ago. Consider these four areas anytime you need a little encouragement.

  1. The Domino/Ripple Effe…

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How to Keep Goals

Crazy Horse Memorial A goal and vision that started in 1948 and is still in progress.

Most of us don't have a problem setting goals for ourselves. So, why do we have so much trouble keeping them? It's not that we don't want to. Check out these tips on how to keep goals if you fall into that category.

Setting goals and relying on willpower are conscious activities but research tells us that a big portion of our brain-power is unconscious and the information and thoughts that reach our unconscious mind are the one…

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