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My Battle with Overeating & Bulimia

Hello my friends and thank you for taking time to read this entry about my battle with overeating and bulimia. I originally posted it on Sept. 10th, 2012 as a follow up to mybeing-locked-in-your-own-prison/post. I am updating this partly because of a guest on my former syndicated show, Life in the Groove, Dotsie Bausch. She's a 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist in cycling and a successful coach but it took an almost life-ending battle with anorexia to get her there. Many of us with eating...

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Hate Your Body? Tips for Body Acceptance

Do you dread warmer weather because you have to show more skin and it reminds you that you basically hate your body?

My Seven Tips for Body Acceptance to the rescue!I came across some wonderful tips on body acceptance from a blog calledrecoveryisbeautiful. Very sweet. I've added my own twist to them and formed them into mySIMPLE 7. I think you'll find these quite useful.

TIP #1:If you know looking in the mirror is going to upset you, then don't do it. Use full length mirrors when you are less...

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Making Fitness Fun

Here are some key points to consider in order to get over a slump, jump-start a program or to turn from an exercise-hater to an exercise-enthusiast.
  • Key Points:
  • Move naturally or get active without even thinking about it.
  • Add more movement in your daily activity instead of starting an official workout program.
  • Take four round trips on your office steps instead of the elevator.
  • Walk faster when you put a shopping cart away and offer to take back five others for customers parked far away.
  • Do...

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