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Encouragement for Anything: Four Concepts.


Straight Up Encouragement for Anything: Four Concepts.

Sometimes, it's just nice (or really needed) to be reminded of a few things. We are incredibly blessed in so many ways in our lives, but the ups and downs and the "AFGM's" (Another F-ing Growth Moments) can be downright debilitating at times if not super annoying, and everything in between.

Spirit-Mother-Father-God sent this to me a few months ago. Consider these four areas anytime you need a little encouragement.

  1. The Domino/Ripple Effe…

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How to Build Confidence

According to research, confidence is not a natural trait for most people. Successful individuals even struggle with it. Academy award winning actor Gene Hackman once said that he never watched his movies because he knew he would not be satisfied with his performance. He wasn’t confident that he gave his best. I think we've all felt that way but we can build confidence and these seven tips will get you started.
  1. Perfectionism Is Paralyzing. Accept failure and mistakes and imperfection as …

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