Luna's Story and Divine Timing


Luna’s Story Part 1 - Background. After so much death in our house in the first quarter of the year, we needed time to grieve, process, and regroup. We always knew that we would want another dog. However, we are finishing inside remodeling and are now in the middle of a backyard remodel and we have quite the mess. We have travel plans soon. I’m planning a celebration of life for my dad in South Dakota. Reece started a new job. And, there’s more, of course. It’s absolutely not the “right time” to be adopting a new pet.

Luna’s Story Part II- I Got A Hit. Just like with our others five rescues, I got a hit. I always pay attention to those nudges. Out of the blue, while driving back from celebrating Kirk’s 60th birthday in Newport Beach, I was nudged to look for a Great Dane rescue organization. Going from short, stubby legs of our Bassett hounds to the largest domesticated breed…what the-h, right?! But, it felt so strong and it wasn’t my analytical-Aquarian-thinking mind. It was a feeling. Thanks to our 24-hour companion, Google, the first search response was a group of Dane mix puppies rescued by Doggie Bonez.. (Longer story, short.) We did not end up with any of them and we confidently let it be and put it out of our thoughts. About a week later, I was prompted to call the owner of the same rescue and ask about any other dogs which led us to one that just happened to be fostered in a home about four minutes from our house.

Luna’s Story Part III – Meet and Greet. We were able to see her within a few days. Adorable and sweet. Probably a German Shorthaired Pointer-Lab mix with a little Dane. It was not instant love for me. She did not check off all my boxes…she wasn’t potty trained, she would be a shedder, she would be super high energy, and she would need a lot of training. My intellect was telling me no but I felt that stirring that causes me to pause. Was I really ready for another dog? This isn’t what I envisioned. I’m just not sure…maybe we should wait.

Luna’s Story Part IV – Adoption and Confirmation. We got in the car and Kirk said, “We have to take her. She’s beautiful. She’s affectionate. She’s perfect.” I talked out a few of my thoughts and concerns and as I spoke those words, I started to feel drawn to her. I felt it. I was nudged again. We agreed, got super excited, and returned within a few hours for the adoption. I fell in love with her so much that it felt like my heart was going to burst open. I cried over the feels. I’m tearing up right now writing this. She’s a (huge) handful and it was a cray-cray week of dropping many things on my “list” and instead being a new mom. That alone taught me a few very profound lessons (another story). That week opened a new door of insight for me that I needed more than I knew.

Luna’s Story Part V – Her Name, Synchronicities, and Validation We brought her home, and then all five of us sat in the living room trying to decide her new name. We narrowed it down to Athena and Luna. Her name was originally Morgan but we knew that we wanted something different. We finally decided upon Luna.

And, then…the synchronicities! Kirk and I were watching Manifest on Netflix and he noticed one of the actor’s names in the credits was Athena. He went back a little too far in the credits to show me. About three names before Athena was an actor named Luna. The following day I received a text from someone regarding our backyard remodel. Her name was Morgan. A few days later someone who listens to my podcast sent me a message and shared a video on grounding called Earthing. One of the actors in the show had a daughter named Athena My cousin and her son arrived from New York to stay with us about a week after adoption. We kept the puppy a secret. Her son came out of the bedroom on day two unaware of his own synchronicity. He was wearing a t-shirt with a moon and the words La Luna. And, yesterday I opened an email from Peruvian songwriter/artist/guitarist, Ciro Hurtado. He was debuting a new album and sharing a song to kick it off. His band played at my dad’s 90th birthday celebration. I feel my Peruvian roots to the core when I listen to his music. The name of the new song…Luna.

No more words needed. Goosebumps…make that Godbumps.

Divine Timing doesn't always mean that it feels right, comfortable, or normal. It can be far-reaching into our soul blueprint and a puzzle piece that doesn't seem connected or comprehendible. 

If you constantly wait for the “right” time out of fear (instead of trusting your nudges and intuition), you are placing yourself in opposition to the natural shifts of the planet and the Universe. Even me – pretty practiced at this stuff, had to lean into my gut and my heart and take a pause to see how I was co-creating and allowing instead of forcing or resisting.

What a wonderous and serendipitous experience. I hope it touched you as it touched and changed me.

I love you. You matter. We journey together.

Supporting your walk of clarity with fewer burdens and more joy is my calling because that contributes to unity consciousness and oneness. Struggling with confusion in your life, reach out to me. Oftentimes, one session can provide the clarity you need to feel less burdened and overwhelmed and more confident in your next steps.

Oh, and I’m just wondering…totally random, in the game of Truth or Dare, what did you typically pick or what would you pick today? What do you think I would pick?



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