Who Are You At Your Essence. Why It's So Important


This is one of the questions I asked my coaching clients in my UnChaos Yourself program and one I often ask in my general intuitive readings.

For me, I cannot-not uplift and try to unify. That's my essence, although it shows up and out-pictures in many different ways. It is a part of me that will never go away. 

I’m including a letter I wrote to (at the time) President Nixon…yes, do the math. I’m probably older than you think! And, I have included a copy of it on this blog. My dad sent it to our local paper.  First, you might be wondering or pondering…what is essence?

There are lots of variations of this definition. Here are several from different dictionaries.  

  1. the most distinctive element of a thing
  2. the characteristic or intrinsic feature of a thing, which determines its identity; fundamental nature
  3. a perfect or complete form of something
  4. The most important part or aspect of something.
  5. the unchanging and unchangeable nature of something which is necessary to its being the thing it is; its necessary properties. 
  6. the nature of something as distinct from, and logically prior to, its existence
  7. (Theology) theolan immaterial or spiritual entity
  8. As an example: A neighbor who is the essence of hospitality.

With that in mind, here is what I wrote to President Nixon after crying my eyes out after watching a show on poachers. I still remember feeling sick to my stomach – as if each and every creature that was brutally murdered was one of mine. If you listened to the podcast version, you know that I allowed myself to go back into that space, and in doing so, was flooded with sorrow.

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 1.52.47 PM

I didn't know at the time that I would end up writing as a profession but that doesn't mean I'm a writer at my essence. That's part of how I express it. I didn't know at the time that I would teach fitness classes for 35 years. That's uplifting but I'm not a group fitness teacher at my essence. I also didn't know that I would champion animal and environmental causes when I grew up. Again, that is part of how my essence lives through me. I was surprised when my soul started identifying and feeling the pain of mass-farmed animals which resulted in a Vegan lifestyle. Being mainly Vegan is not my essence, however.

Knowing your essence. This is SOOOOO important if you want to live a life of joy, happiness, fulfillment, contentment, and purpose. Not one – and I mean none of my clients or any of the people I’ve read for – I believe, truly identified with their true essences – understood them – embodied them. And, if you don’t know who you are at your essence, you will make decisions that take you into situations that do not align with your soul journey and with people who do not support your highest self. That creates chaos and confusion and oftentimes, so much worse. (Umm, yeah. That's one of the main reasons Spirit helped me channel and create my UnChaos Yourself program and soon to be book.)

Me, I am a unifier and an uplifter at my core essence. I need everyone and every entity to live in cooperation and mutual respect for each other. No matter what I do or with whom I do it, that is the foundation of my soul journey and my soul blueprint. 

What about you? What can’t you not do or be? When your decisions are motivated and inspired by your true essence, even in the biggest of challenges and most difficult scenarios, you will feel an undeniable spirit of aliveness.

Today, I challenge you to ask yourself and ask others if you’re not clear on how to answer this question. Who am I at my essence? And, I can almost guarantee you that if you are not using at least part of it most of the time in your job or hobby or whatever takes most of your time and attention, you will feel off and even overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. It’s our soul helping us to grow and get on the correct path for evolvement.

If you are struggling with this question, an intuitive session might be the next best step. I'm ready to put on my Clarity Crown and get to work for you! Just reach out to me via my contact page or otherwise if we are already connected. This is that important. It really is.



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