Tina Arana Anderson
Practical + Spiritual. Creator of UnChaos Yourself. No BS Gal.


IF I were into labels, which I'm not. 

Intuitive Counselor, Clarity Catalyst, Unorthodox, Recovered Fixer, and Modern Hippy-Girl, to start.

My adolescent years were somewhat of disaster even though those around me had no idea. Food, pot, cigarettes, Pink Floyd, boys, more food, and rebellion were my ways of coping.

As I moved into adulthood, the worst part was living a lie. Happy on the outside, binging and purging in my private hell on the inside…from bulimia to disordered eating to body dysmorphia to always comparing myself to everyone else doing “better” than me, to not being able to focus my career in one direction, I often wanted to disappear.  

Cluttered thinking, self-criticisms, and of course eating binges were my companions for many, many years.

“Why do I keep doing shit that I don't want to do? Why can't I figure out what was best for me? Should I do this? Should I do that? What will people think? Everyone is doing better than me. Fuuuuuuuuck!” 

So, I tackled my issues from every which way possible before the internet was a thing.  A nutritionist and a psychotherapist. Books. Articles. More books. Cycling through tactics over and over and over again. 

Fast forward to my spiritual awakening in 2014 and doorways to awareness, acceptance, and empowerment (and, even wholeness) in ways I never thought possible.  And, incidentally, just now in the year 2021 I found out that I'm ADD...we never stop learning and growing. 

This journey has brought me to this exact point. I had to experience all of it and I honor it by helping others get out of confusion and into clarity and deep joy as much possible.  I want to help you unburden.

I'm a natural energy raiser and I'm on a mission to raise the entire collective and generate peace and harmony for all. Not just because of the times we are in. I was born with this mission. Genuine inner-peace with life and others (and their bullshit) happens when we first find it for ourselves. When we understand our unique soul blueprints. The ones YOU AGREED UPON for this incarnation. 

Finding the deeper meaning and significance to all of it is akin to spiritual orgasm. Not kidding. Imagine that!

No matter what, know that there's a much, much, much bigger process going on. Believe in your journey and your path. Listen to your heart, not just your head. And, if I can support your spiritual orgasm and bring the blurred into clarity, I stand by ready to jump in whenever you are!


  • MA in Management & Leadership with a thesis in emotional intelligence
  • BA in Journalism/Advertising.
  • Licensed Angel Therapy Practitioner/Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Certified SOAR Master Intuitive
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Basic & Advanced (Transcendental) Dowsing
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) training
  • Healer: Circle of Light Healing Circle team/InSpiritOC
  • Integrated life coaching program
  • Retired Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer (for 35 years)
  • Former Continuing Education Provide and Master Trainer for Star Trac 
  • Former acting, video, cable, and voiceover career with international clients
  • Former Morning Show Producer/PSA Coordinator for The Wave (94.7 FM) in Los Angeles
  • Fromer Assistant to the Morning Show Producer of the Mark & Brian Show  at KLOS (95.55) in Los Angeles
  • Former Co-Host of Blake Aaron Live with Tina Anderson (syndicated radio show) and also on KSBR (88.5)
  • Former Host of Life In The Groove, a syndicated AM/FM, interview based radio show on wellness.
  • Former producer and host of Moments of Serenity, an inflight radio show on American Airlines
  • Former adjunct professor at Saddleback College (for 17 years) in the radio-cinema-film department. 
  • Over seven award-winning years in public relations, marketing and media relations, incuding creating and running the marketing department for the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, Calif.
  • Experienced in hosting, emceeing, speaking, educating, presenting, facilitating, broadcasting, teleprompter, script writing, and general production

By the way, looking for an emcee, host, speaker and/or moderator to add love, light, levity and tons of positive energy to your event or fundraiser?  Please email me to discuss the details at  tina@tinaandersonOC.com.


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