Readings, Guidance, Coaching

Private sessions are mainly available within my group coaching program.

Due to my time and commitment in my UnChaos Yourself Group Coaching Program, I no longer offer publicized sessions. I created my program because one-off readings were almost never enough for me to communicate all that I was receiving from Source. 

However, if you are a former client or if we've already worked togehter, reach out to me directly and I will schedule with you, time permitting. Better yet, check out my coaching program.

And, here is one other option. Because Spirit offer sends me people who really need to talk to someone "sooner" than later, I was directed to offer an: 1111 EMERGENCY ANGEL ANSWER. If you really need a quick response, click here for a 15-minute very focused mini reading to help you at least get going in the right direction. In most cases, we will talk via cell within 24-hours upon receipt of your payment. The energy exchange is $75. Message or text me at 949-441-4902 and indicate that it's an 1111 request. I'll send you the pay link and we will schedule immediately. 


“Tina, your reading has provided so much peace in my life, especially around this transition of new energy. As the world is experiencing tumultuous time, I remember to go within and do the work I am called forth to do… your readings support my belief that healing myself, heals the world. Tina confirming my knowing that I am here to impact the planet, but was too afraid to take steps forward. She also did an automatic drawing for me, and everything on that drawing has come true. I’ve worked with many healers. Tina had a purity in receiving the messages that my guides and Spirit have been wanting to share with me and I haven’t fully understood. I am so grateful for her.”

San Diego, CA.