My specialty is turning problems into transformation and chaos into clarity.

I help you find deep meaning and perspective from all that you've been through so you can use it to call in the best version of you and your life. Live confidently, joyfully, with clear direction, on purpose, and with lasting inner-peace. Oh, and party with the Universe!

Most of my clients have leftover issues that are causing confusion, overwhelm, and unbeneficial decision-making. They often feel stuck in similar patterns, or like something is "off" in their lives. Others are simply seeking the next step but they are not sure what that is. They know there is more. They are done with the broken record syndrome and being okay with just being okay or not even that.  They are done with the B.S.

This is a no bullsh*t, zen zone. If that's your jam, you're in the right place.

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I Don't Mess Around With Your Life. Nor Should You. 

I Would Be Honored To Be A Part Of It. 

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“Tina is AMAZING!! She has brought much clarity into my life and many questions have been answered. I couldn’t be happier knowing I am on the right path! If you need to find answers – contact her!”

Huntington Beach, CA.


“It is rare that you find a person who at once is talented, very bright, and highly skilled. It is rarer still that such a person is open, compassionate, and tuned-in to the spiritual side of living. If you get a chance to meet or read with Tina Anderson, run don’t walk. She is everything as advertised and a whole lot more”

Miami Beach, FL.